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Aug 2, 2023 5:00:00 PM

Tinubu Expands Leadership Team with New Surety Chief Operations Officer

ORLANDO, FL., - August 2, 2023 Tinubu®, a provider of technology for the surety and credit insurance industries, announces today significant growth in 2023 with a dozen new employees to expand surety operations in North America, including its new Surety Chief Operations Officer, Scott Edwards. Tinubu currently serves over 15 US Surety carriers as well as leading Canadian Surety carriers, providing an end-to-end innovative solution covering the entire value chain for insurers, brokers, agents and customers with one digital highway.

Edwards brings more than 25 years of experience leading startup and enterprise SaaS organizations. He started his career as a software developer and later as founder of OutStart, where he was responsible for the portfolio of learning technology solutions. In 2012, when OutStart was acquired by IBM, Edwards was responsible for the strategic product direction of IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative. Since then, he's held leadership positions in highly regulated industries. As the Surety COO at Tinubu, Edwards will oversee the client services, product, and engineering departments, aimed at delivering innovative solutions and executing the Tinubu Surety vision.

“Our company’s significant growth in 2023 is testament to Tinubu’s innovative approach to the surety industry,”  said Edwards. “I’m excited to join the Tinubu team to continue this expansion and bring our loyal clients the most comprehensive and effective solutions.”

Tinubu’s Orlando, FL office serves as the central hub for all surety operations, solidifying its position as the surety headquarters for the organization. Its strategic location in Orlando plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless and efficient handling of all surety-related activities. The company hired a dozen new employees over the past six months, bringing its total US employee count to over 60. Tinubu is currently expanding its team of account managers, project managers, product owners, developers, quality assurance analysts, and marketers. This decision reflects Tinubu’s commitment to optimizing processes, enhancing customer service, and fostering growth within the surety division in the US.

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