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What is Tinubu® CIS?

(Credit Insurance Suite)

Tinubu® Square provides Credit Insurers and Export Credit Agency (ECAs) with a core business end-to-end integrated SaaS software to run their activity.

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Tinubu Square Platform - Credit Insurance

Credit Insurer Challenges

Many Credit Insurers and ECAs are behind on their path to digital transformation.

Legacy Systems

Manage outdated legacy systems


Support the growth of the business


Better manage operating costs

Customer Experience

Provide a dedicated online service


Implement new processes to improve old processes


Increase market penetration

Tinubu® CIS 
Credit Insurance Software for Insurers

The Tinubu® Credit Insurance Suite (Tinubu® CIS) is a full end-to-end SaaS solution to manage Short-Term, Medium & Long-Term and Political Risk Credit Insurance. It allows credit insurers to oversee the lifecycle of their products, from commercial and risk underwriting to claims payment. With Tinubu® CIS, you can handle all lines of products, including specific local market products with specific modules. Our solution offers a high level of automation that integrates within clients’ existing IT architecture. The automated processes allow reduction of turnaround time to insurers and brokers. Online portals are available for both brokers and policy holders. Tinubu® CIS is offered as an all-in-one turnkey solution or can be designed end-to-end to each carriers' specifications.

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Benefits of Tinubu® CIS

Discover what Tinubu® Credit Insurance Suite can do to mitigate risk.

operating costs

Reduce your operating costs while optimizing your loss ratios

Maintain technology compliance

Compliance with the latest technologies

Manage security compliance

Compliance with security requirements

Reduce organizational costs

Reduce costs through high level of automation

Improve customer experience

Provide the best customer experience

market share

Grow your customer base

faster results

Reduce time to market of new offering

Key Features of Tinubu® CIS


This administration module manages your customer and partner profiles while allowing you to create and administer insurance products.

  • Management of user authority and profiles
  • Administration of insurance products
  • Teams task management

Commercial Underwriting

The commercial underwriting module enables you to manage the commercial process through a comprehensive quote builder feature.

  • End-to-end policy lifecycle management
  • Policy document issuance and eSignature
  • Calculation of premium, fees and taxes
Policyholder & Broker Portals

Through the portal, policyholders & brokers may submit business proposals, accept offers, request limits, declare overdues and claims.

  • Request credit limit or transaction coverage and receive decisions
  • Declare turnover, overdues and claims
  • Online buyer search and identification
Risk Underwriting

The Risk Underwriting module offers professional risk underwriting capabilities including risk assessment and risk monitoring.

  • Assess and decide on credit limit and guarantee
  • Risk subject assessment with possible automatic scoring and decision
  • Exposure management with buyer, groups and country caps
Reporting & Analytics

The Reporting and Analytics module is based on Power BI and provides quick and easy access to all data using a powerful visualization tool.

  • Dashboards, business intelligence & analytics
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) monitoring and management reports
  • Data feed to downstream systems
  • Business Intelligence for Tinubu CIS
Claims Management

The claims management module allows you to improve your understanding of claims issues and how to manage them proactively.

  • Claims assessment and management
  • Indemnity payment
  • Recovery management



Tinubu LAB - blockchain-credit insurance software

Tinubu® LAB for Credit Insurance

While Tinubu® R&D team is focusing on the continuous improvement of the Tinubu® Platform and Tinubu® CIS, the Tinubu® LAB explores breakthrough technologies that have the potential to disrupt the Credit Insurance industry by delivering a higher value service.


Integrate your ecosystem with Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

Tinubu® LAB gained experience on Corda via Tinubu® Contract Ledger. Tinubu® team's expertise in dealing with data standards will allow credit insurers to seamlessly integrate their core business systems with DLT-based trade finance platforms.


Leverage nontraditional data to improve scoring capabilities

The rise of digital marketplaces offers new opportunities for Credit Insurers who can leverage traditional and nontraditional data. Move away from scoring black boxes with Explainable Artificial Intelligence and maintain high ethical standards.

Virtual Assistant

Increase capabilities with Virtual Assistants

Augment your employees' capabilities by providing them with specialized virtual assistants. Trained in the industry, they will revolutionize their work experience and reduce the risk of losing your company's know-how linked to employee turnover.

Quantum Computing

Challenge your models with Quantum Computing

Quantum computing opens up new horizons in terms of data processing performances. Discover with the Tinubu® LAB its potential for credit scoring supremacy and discuss quantum algorithms' applications, including classification and optimization.

Tinubu® Square Services for Credit Insurers

Tailored Business

From knowledge transfer
to full outsourcing

Business Consulting

In-depth and functional expertise
to provide a more holistic view

Professional and integration services

Know-how and expertise
to deliver international projects

Customer Experiences

Find out how our customers are able to successfully improve their credit insurance operations with Tinubu® CIS.

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