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SaaS Platform for Credit Insurance
& Surety

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Tinubu® Square is the Digital Transformer of Credit Insurance & Surety

We enable digital transformation for credit insurance & surety industry. Tinubu® Square, through its industry-leading SaaS platform, has delivered innovative, cloud-based software solution for 20+ years.

Tinubu® Square
Enterprise Solution Platform

The Tinubu® Square SaaS cloud platform accelerates growing business through its Tinubu® CIS short term, medium term, and political risk for credit insurance and Tinubu® eSURETY® and Tinubu® SurePath Digital for surety. This platform, which has evolved over the last 20 years, provides an innovative and fully scalable solution. It meets insurer needs by providing features such as fine-tuned aggregating functionalities, document generation management, and delegation of authority.

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TinubuSquare-tinubu LAB-blockchain-quantum computing-augmented innovation

Tinubu® LAB Augmented Innovation

Tinubu® LAB is researching the capabilities of advanced technologies in specialty insurance to improve how insurers operate to deliver the best value to their customers.




Expand your ecosystem with Blockchain

Blockchain allows to connect the various actors of an ecosystem in an unprecedented way creating trust between parties and allowing for contract management automation.


Increase your staff capabilities with virtual employee assistants

Virtual Assistants (VAs) uses semantic and deep learning to assist the daily work and automates tasks in order to best support employees.


Go beyond the traditional borders with Artificial Intelligence

With Explainable AI we strive to legitimize the outcomes of most performing scoring engines and to comply with regulations.


Explore the power of quantum computing

Quantum computing offers the potential to process larger sets of data. Quantum algorithms are developed to offer more granular scoring and process new sources.

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