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Credit Insurance Services from a

Trusted Partner

Tinubu® Square Services & Consulting dedicate
highly skilled consultants who provide
the best expertise in various fields.

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Tailored Business Services

By using our tailored business services, you will gain specific knowledge and transfer to full outsourcing, Tinubu® Square's experts will provide your team with the support they need.

Commercial Underwriting

The Commercial Underwriting Service (on behalf of the Credit Insurer) supports your organization with dedicated and highly skilled resources to optimize policy management.

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Risk Underwriting

The Risk Underwriting service is a credit risk assessment service that provides comprehensive credit risk opinions and reports within the shortest time possible.


Your challenges


Better manage and analyze customers' credit risk


Improve competitiveness through improved customer service and faster credit decisions


Increase efficiency and control costs


Grow profitable business in new territories


Gain access to the most important expert resources

Our Risk Underwriting Services

Credit recommendation
and monitoring
Credit recommendation and monitoring
  • Automatic and manual decisions
  • Access to information reports
  • Monitoring of debtors for 12 months
  • Support service, with access toTinubu® Square’s risk underwriting team
  • Reporting
Buyer risk

Tinubu® Square uses information sources, both global and local, public and private, as well as the client’s own proprietary data to assess risk.

Your benefits


On-demand evaluation of individual companies, groups, market sectors, and countries


Partnership with a highly skilled team of risk analysts with considerable international experience


Consulting service for risk opinions, advice on risk issues, and risk monitoring from the most trusted authority in the market


Capacity to put in place your own risk strategy/parameters


Greater efficiency in Risk Management

Tinubu Square Risk Underwriting brochure

Would you like to learn more about our Risk Underwriting service?

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Claim Management Services

Tinubu® Square Claim Management Services (on behalf of the credit insurer) to assist internal teams with knowledge transfer and proactive claim management.

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Tinubu Square Claim Management Services

Business Consulting Services

Tinubu® Square Business Consulting Service focuses on our clients’ most critical needs. Our consultants provide in-depth and functional expertise to bring a more holistic view.

  • Market analysis
  • Product definition
  • Organisational structuration
  • Business partner search
  • Strategic and Business Plans

Your benefits


Complete projects sooner and get desired results faster by avoiding costly delays and learning curves


Increase productivity by optimizing your equipment’s operation and your team’s skills


Improve the quality of your processes and measurements by avoiding common errors


Increase productivity by optimizing your equipment’s operation and your team’s skills

Learn more about our Business Consulting Service

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Professional and Integration Services

Tinubu® Square's knowledgeable and experienced teams deliver the needed expertise on international projects for large insurance groups.

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