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    What is the Tinubu Surety Solution for Carriers?

    Tinubu Surety for Carriers is the industry-leading automated underwriting system for insurance carriers to distribute digital surety bonds to their network of partners including brokers and managing general agents (MGAs) in real-time.

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    Challenges for surety carriers

    Insurance carriers are facing increased pressure to digitize surety operations in a fast-changing industry.


    Leveraging automation is essential to success as we shift from traditional business models that are driven by supply-side economies of scale to new models inspired by demand-side economies of scale.

    Holistic Customer

    Digital Surety businesses should be facilitating a holistic customer experience from the very first search all the way to bond delivery and on through the bond’s life-cycle, while maximizing low to no-touch experiences.


    Carriers are seeking to simultaneously lower costs, improve experiences, comply with regulations, and accelerate time to market.

    Surety solution for carriers

    Our solution for carriers has, for the past 20 years, facilitated the digital transformation of your surety operation. Tinubu has a team of surety and technology specialists dedicated to supporting your business and IT needs at every level. With this solution, carriers have no need to custom-build or delay. Our configuration services can recreate your underwriting policy and all the required bond configurations.

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    Focus on what

    Benefits of our solution for carriers

    Become the carrier of choice with this solution for carriers creating a best-in-class agent experience for your surety programs.


    Go live fast after your project starts and quickly fulfill your agents' and customer's expectations.

    Enhance User Experience

    Provide your agents with best-in-class user experience, real-time bond quote and electronic execution of bonds with e-signature and e-sealing.

    Tinubu_financial analysis
    Hone Financial

    Implement your financial analysis and work in progress spreadsheets in our application by leveraging our templates configuration capabilities.

    Optimize Decision & Payments

    Set up decision rules and process credit card payments to efficiently address high volume, low premium business.

    Personalize Bond Library

    Configure your bond library swiftly and take advantage of our standard wordings off-the-shelves catalog.

    Easy Product Management

    Go to market faster than your competitors with new products and maintain easily your portfolio with our comprehensive product management features.


    Monitor your business plan execution and report easily to internal and external stakeholders with embedded Microsoft Power BI.

    Key features of our solution for carriers


    Platform has an ease of maintenance in that it requires minimal IT assistance and can be self serviced by the business unit.

    • Configurable system for multiple all type of bonds offerings
    • Self-configured bond form library
    •  User profiles and permission management

    Commercial Underwriting

    Account centric system allowing the full aggregation of transactional bonds.

    • Rules based decisions
    • Bond and account life-cycle management
    • Issuance of documentation, including e-signature and carrier sealing
    Risk Underwriting & Claim

    Complete system of record, replacing any need for paper files/documentation.

    • Financial Analysis via configurable FAW worksheets and trends
    • Rules based decisions for account approvals
    • Record claim information via a configurable question set
    Reporting & Connectivity

    Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, our solution for carriers is architectured utilizing HTML 5

    • Pre-set Power BI Reports on commercial and risk activities
    • API connectivity with credit card and information providers
    • Ensured and secured under PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 2 compliance

    Tinubu LAB
    for surety

    The Tinubu LAB challenges cutting-edge digital technologies to integrate them into our solution for carriers. The goal is to resolve surety players' recurring problems. It will also provide revolutionary tools that will surely increase their performance.


    Tinubu LAB Blockchain

    Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

    With Tinubu Contract Ledger, surety bonds and guarantees life cycles are reconciled with the underlying contract progress by design.

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    Tinubu LAB XAI

    Better monitor risk to anticipate potential claims

    Detecting potential claims as early as possible is key to minimizing the Loss Given Default. By screening new sources and using Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), carriers can be on top of their exposures.

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    Tinubu LAB Virtual Assistant

    Improve employee satisfaction with Virtual Employee Assistant

    Finding and retaining top talent is key for the surety industry. Outdated IT tools and cumbersome operating processes can be a deterrent to the newer generation of leaders. Enhance your employee experience (EX) with our Virtual Employee Assistants.

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    Tinubu LAB Quantum Computing

    Optimize your pricing with Quantum Computing

    Granular pricing and risk decision models always require more computing power than Qubit will bring. Tinubu LAB explores quantum algorithms to provide Surety Underwriters with an advantage in the near future.

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    Customer spotlight

    See what our customers say about our solution for carriers.

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