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Jul 16, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Tinubu Square & GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, a strategic partnership on debt collection services

Paris, France, July 16th 2018 – Tinubu Square, a leading provider of trade credit, bonding & surety and receivables finance solutions, has sealed a strategic partnership with GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, to ensure customers of Recovery Square, a subsidiary of Tinubu Square, receive seamless continuity of its debt collection services.

* A strategic partnership on debt collection services*

As a result of the investment of 53M€ made by Long Arc Capital and Bpifrance at the end of 2017, Tinubu Square is pursuing its international expansion and will concentrate its efforts on its core activity,  software publishing, and focus its services offering on risk analysis services. In this context, the activities of its subsidiary Recovery Square, dedicated to debt collection services in France and internationally, are taken over by GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, a leading French credit management solutions provider, specialised in trade credit risk management and debt collections services.

It is critical for Tinubu Square to ensure a seamless continuity of services to its long-term customers, both in France and internationally, as well as to offer, in particular to its credit insurance customers, the benefits and the high-quality services of this partnership. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is a key player in the debt collection services market worldwide and its expertise has been recognized and respected for many years.

“We want to guarantee  our customers continue to get robust debt collection services which are critical for them and   specific to their activities. We are confident that our customers will benefit from seamless continuation of high-quality service provision from such an internationally-minded and experienced partner as GESTION CREDIT EXPERT which is expanding rapidly worldwide in this market. Moreover, we will work closely with GESTION CREDIT EXPERT to share its expertise with our international customer network”,said Jérôme Pezé, CEO and founder, Tinubu Square.

“We are delighted to engage in this strategic alliance with Jérôme Pezé and his team. We are committed to bringing Recovery Square’s and Tinubu Square’s customers the best possible service. Through this partnership, we reinforce our position in the market and move further forward to contribute to two of the main challenges faced by our economy: increasing corporate cash flow and reducing corporate trade credit risk worldwide”, said Christophe Nobilet, CEO, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.


Founded in 1970, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT help firms of all sizes and across all vertical sectors to increase their cash flows and decrease their trade credit risks, worldwide. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT brings 3 key credit management solutions : advisory services for working capital optimization; B2B and B2C debt collection services; field investigations i.e. skip tracing and credit reporting. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT has 7 main offices in France and also benefit from a network of 300 partners around the globe so as to reach out to any debtor, anywhere in the world.

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Tinubu Square & GESTION CREDIT EXPERT: Strategic partnership on debt collection services

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