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Oct 30, 2017 2:43:00 PM

Tinubu Square wins IE-Club & Business France 'International Digital Company Award 2017’

Issy-Les-Moulineaux, October 30th 2017 - Tinubu Square, a leading provider of trade credit risk management solutions, has been awarded the 2017 “Trophées de l’International du Numérique” (’International Digital Company Award 2017’) by the IE-Club and Business France. This is the second time that the company has been rewarded for its expertise in innovation in the international digital sector.

The award was provided to Tinubu Square at the International Meeting of French Tech (RIFT 2017) on Wednesday, October 25, and organised by the IE-Club and Business France. This marked the 15th ceremony of the ‘Trophées de l’International du Numérique’ which rewards French companies that have a significant impact on the future economy, particularly from an international perspective, and which already contribute to strengthening the entrepreneurship and innovation of SMEs. Tinubu Square was amongst 16 nominated companies.

Tinubu Square has been able to distinguish itself through its ability to rethink the management of commercial credit risk. It does this through its innovative technological approach and has been instrumental in rolling out its platform to multiple different geographical territories. Tinubu Square, which generates more than 90% of its sales outside France, is one of the French companies that has rapidly exported its know-how to North America, Europe and Asia Pacific by a strategy adapted to the new expectations of these markets.

"Tinubu Square has been looking for growth opportunities internationally and now sees its strategy rewarded. Our ambition is both to increase our international leadership in our market while remaining a company with French roots. This requires us to simultaneously focus on our international development whilst also reinforcing our position in France, which today represents less than 10% of our activity. This Award will help us break down the resistance to SaaS technology amongst credit insurance companies and facilitate their digital transformation and the financing of trade receivables,” said Jerome Pezé, CEO & founder of Tinubu Square. "We are proud to once again be recognised by this award, which highlights our contribution to the promotion of the excellence of French technology abroad."

Tinubu Square wins IE-Club & Business France 'International Digital Company Award 2017’

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