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Oct 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Tinubu at ExCred International 2021

ExCred International, one of the export credit insurance industry major events, is offering us an opportunity to reconnect before the end of the year. Tinubu Square is pleased to sponsor this new edition. Our teams are also looking forward to meeting with you again in London. 

Many things have happened since the pandemic started, including our acquisitions of eSURETY and SuretyWave, and we can't wait to share what we've been up to with Tinubu® Platform.

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During ExCred International, you will be able to meet some members of Tinubu Square Executive Committee including Jérôme Pezé, CEO and Founder, Olivier Placca, Group Deputy CEO & Co-founder but also Sophie Riottot, Group Sales Director.
The Subject Matter Experts Insurance, Marc Meyer, and Micheal Feldwick will also be present. Our Regional Sales & Account Manager Europe, Nicolas de Breteuil will be joining the team.

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On Thursday 18th of November at 13:35, Olivier Placca will be one of the panelists of the conference focusing on "Digitalising trade finance and insurance: Challenges and opportunities" alongside:

  • Sian Aspinall, the Joint Managing Director at BPL Global,
  • André Casterman, the Chair of the Fintech Committee at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA),
  • Jean-Maurice Elkouby, the Managing Director Syndicated Finance at ‎ING Bank,
  • Charles Nahum - Founder & CEO, Novapproach.

They will discuss together the following topics:

  1. What digitalisation can do for short-term and longer-term business; Improved information flow, efficiencies
  2. Where are we now? How are platforms being used?
    • Giving clients access to real-time information; exposures, premiums
    • Streamlining, efficiencies; improving the traceability of the supply chain
    • Bringing products to market
  3. Creation and use of various digital platforms; banks, brokers, and insurers creating their own solutions
    • The need to cooperate to produce a market solution; How can the industry standardise and align?
To book your ticket, register via this link on the Informa website and receive a 30% discount or use the code: FKW54367EMSPKS

Tinubu Square is a proud sponsor of ExCred International 2021.

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