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Nov 5, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Tinubu Square appoints Offer Sadey as Chief Technical Officer

Paris, 5 November 2018 – As part of its technological development strategy, Tinubu Square, a leading provider of credit insurance, surety and trade finance solutions, has appointed Offer Sadey as CTO.

Offer Sadey will have responsibility for shaping the company’s IT strategy, overseeing its deployment throughout the international operation and monitoring it to ensure successful outcomes. He will manage all technical teams.

Tinubu Square’s  SaaS software platform has evolved over the last twenty years to deliver an innovative and fully scalable solution for its clients’ needs. A key milestone was reached earlier this year with the launch of the “Innovation Lab”, which allows the company to explore opportunities for new solutions based on emerging technologies.

Previously, Offer held the position of Vice President Engineering at the French SaaS solutions software provider Oodrive. He has also played key roles in managing development teams at a variety of software companies including Lefebvre Software and Generix.

Offer will bring his twenty years of experience in team management, his strong expertise in agile organizations (Feature Teams), and his skills at overseeing the complete software life cycle.

Passionate about new technologies, Offer will also be able to bring his knowledge of architecture, security, automation (Continuous Integration, automated testing), deployment (Container orchestration, vision DevOps). His experience will widely contribute to the development of Tinubu Square’s enterprise platform solution ensuring it maintains its position at the cutting edge of technology.

In parallel, Offer has a particular appetite for spotting IT talent. and he intends to work with the human resources team innovating mechanisms to reward and retain the best talent, whether at manager or technical expert levels.

“Offer's experience in managing large teams and his technological expertise from his experiences with leading software providers will be key assets for the future of Tinubu Square's solutions. The challenge of our enterprise solutions platform is to ideally support our customers in their digital transformation. We have a duty to serve our customers as well as possible and to onboard new ones by guaranteeing quality of service, performance, availability, and integration into their different ecosystems. We wanted to support our new growth phase by surrounding ourselves with talented employees, recognized for their experience, competence, and network, and I am confident that Offer will be an undeniable asset for Tinubu Square”, declares Olivier Placca, Deputy CEO of Tinubu Square.

“I was immediately attracted by the breadth and the potential of Tinubu Square’s software solution as well as by the Executive Team that is passionate and available. There are multiple challenges to face: both managerial with recruiting and retaining talent, optimizing the organization of the team, and technological with industrialization, automation and convergence to move towards a next-generation unified platform”, states Offer Sadey.


Tinubu Square appoints Offer Sadey as Chief Technical Officer

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