Credit Insurance

What's your take on Business Transformation and New Challenges for Export Credit Agencies?

During the roundtable our panelists, Diana Smallridge, President & CEO, International Financial Consulting, Michel El-Khoury, Lead Consulting Partner, Government Financial Services, Deloitte Inc., Henri d'Ambrières, CEO, HDA Conseil and  Jérôme Pezé, CEO and Co-founder, Tinubu (the Moderator) raise the following topics:

  • The role of ECAs and how this role has evolved. The new challenges it creates.
  • The ECAs ability to cooperate or liaise with other parties in a wider ecosystem (organization and processes).
    Need for ECAs to collaborate with banks. What is the impact of new challenges for them?
  • The ECAs need to launch new products to be able to operate in the short term.
  • The regulation applicable to ECAs operating in the Europe Union. 
  • The Digital Transformation. The ECAs need to change their system, their organization, their processes but also their culture and their perception of their mission.