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QC - Quantum Computing

Explore the power of quantum computing

Quantum computing offers the potential to process larger sets of data. It will require developing compatible algorithms which do not exist yet. Prepare for the future in anticipation of the availability of Quantum computers.

See what Tinubu has produced on Quantum Computing.

Here you will find the assets produced by the Innovation LAB Team. This list will be completed progressively with new articles when developed.

  • Infographic
  • Technical Paper
  • Scientific publication
  • Technical achievement (or Prototype)
[White Paper excerpt]

Introducing Quantum Computing in Credit Scoring

Credit scoring is at the heart of the activity of trade credit insurers. They have been using decision tree algorithms to perform this activity for decades. They now have new tools available, such as machine learning and deep learning, which can be computed in a classical way or a quantum one. This paper summarizes what we learned from our experience in applying quantum computing techniques to credit scoring.

[White Paper excerpt]

Trends in payment experiences

Payment delays are key for a company's financial management and trade credit insurers covering payments receivables. Forecasting how they are likely to evolve in the future can give a competitive advantage to those who master this exercise. This paper benchmarks the performance of various algorithms, including quantum ones, in forecasting the payment experiences in a particular industry.

Tinubu LAB - WP - Glossary AI & QC
[White Paper excerpt]

Glossary of Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing

Related to the white paper 'The Augmented Underwriter'

Gain a better understanding of the technical terms used in our white paper. Click here to access clear and concise explanations directly.

[White Paper]

The Augmented Underwriter: can statistics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing empower further Credit Insurers?

Our white paper on Risk Management by the LAB Team highlights our belief in collaboration as a key to innovation. We hope it sparks your interest and encourages you to contact us to discuss research opportunities.

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Tinubu LAB Team awarded by Classiq Technologies.

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Listen to how Tinubu's innovation Lab team was awarded for giving a solution at the competition, #ClassiqCodingCompetition by Classiq Technologies. The competition gathered more than 150 solutions.

Tinubu LAB - Quantum Computing infographic

Take a Quantum Leap.

Get an overview of what Quantum Computing will offer, how far the researchers are in this journey, and which use-cases within Credit Insurance & Surety will be impacted.