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Tinubu Innovation LAB 2021
Tinubu Square - Augmented Innovation
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QC - Quantum Computing

Explore the power of quantum computing

Quantum computing offers the potential to process larger sets of data. It will require developing compatible algorithms which do not exist yet. Prepare for the future in anticipation of the availability of Quantum computers.

See what Tinubu Square has produced on Quantum Computing.

Here you will find the assets produced by the Innovation LAB Team. This list will be completed progressively with new articles when developed.

  • Infographic
  • Technical paper
  • Scientific publication
  • Technical achievement (or Prototype)
Tinubu Innovation LAB - Quantum computing infographic

Take a Quantum Leap.

Get an overview of what Quantum Computing will offer, how far the researchers are in this journey, and which use-cases within Credit Insurance & Surety will be impacted.

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