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Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Expand your ecosystem
with Blockchain

Blockchain allows connecting unprecedentedly the various actors of an ecosystem, creating trust between parties and allowing for contract management automation.

See what Tinubu Square is producing on Blockchain.

Here you will find the assets developed by the Innovation LAB Team. This list will be completed progressively with new articles when developed.

  • Infographic
  • Technical paper
  • Scientific publication
  • Technical achievement (or Prototype)
Tinubu Square - Innovation LAB - blockchain opportunities

Blockchain Opportunities for guarantees

This video explains the use of blockchain technologies within the Surety & Guarantee industry with a focus on Asia.

Tinubu Square - Innovation LAB - Tinubu Contract Ledge
[Technical achievement]

Explore blockchain opportunities with Tinubu® Contract Ledger

Discover how this use-case was developed by Tinubu Innovation LAB Team for surety players.

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