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Feb 16, 2016 4:15:00 PM

Tinubu helping global insurance group QBE

Singapore, February 16th 2016 – Tinubu Square, the leader in credit risk software solutions, is celebrating its fifth year in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Singapore, Tinubu Square Asia Pacific recently relocated its Asia office to Singapore CBD.


Jerome Peze, Founder and CEO of Tinubu Square Group says: “Tinubu Square has been growing at a fast pace over the last few years across its three main market segments. Our sustainable expansion in the Asia region further validates the strategy and investments made by Tinubu Square in this region. We are proud that Tinubu Square Asia Pacific’s footprint today spans across Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong and Australia.” 

For the last few years, Tinubu Square Asia has seen significant interest in its Credit Insurance Suite (CIS) platform. This specialist SaaS software platform is dedicated to Credit Insurers across the globe. In Asia one notable customer of the innovative CIS platform is leading insurer QBE Insurance.

Tinubu has enabled QBE, whose group HQ is in Australia, but also has a presence across 52 countries, to significantly enhance its domestic and international business expansion and footprint. Tinubu was instrumental in the delivery of the unified QBE’s Trade Credit System – QBE TCS. As a result, customers across the globe now benefit from a consistently high standard of service and the company has drastically improved its efficiency, cutting its development cycle from six months to just 14 days.

Richard Wulff, Group General Manager, Credit & Surety at QBE, said: “An important focus for an international organisation like QBE was to get everyone on a shared platform with a common set of procedures in order to boost efficiency and ensure uniformity towards our customers. Previously each geography had slightly different ways of working, resulting in a lack of efficiency.”

QBE selected Tinubu, following a tender process to find a software company that could not only provide the appropriate technology but would also be knowledgeable and a specialist in the trade credit insurance industry. QBE found that Tinubu had the clearest understanding of its business and was most intuitive about what was needed and how QBE could best serve its customers. QBE was also impressed by Tinubu’s customer references and 15 years of experience specialising in this business.

The implementation of Tinubu Square’s Credit Insurance Suite (CIS) cloud platform provided QBE with a state of the art, easy to use and secured IT platform, integrated with Tinubu Risk Underwriting services. Getting closer to customers and distribution partners, but also having the ability to improve risk selection, were at the core of QBE’s decision to select Tinubu’s platform and services.

The Tinubu-powered platform encompasses key features and functionalities that have significantly improved QBE’s product portfolio management, new product launches, and geographical expansion. “We needed to introduce new products without the long development cycle of our old system,” Wulff said. “By implementing Tinubu we shortened this cycle from around six months to less than two weeks. We have also cut the timing required to launch activities in new countries. In Dubai, for example, we were up and running from an IT perspective within a month. In our old world that would have been unthinkable.”

Jérôme Pezé, founder and CEO at Tinubu Square, said: We are honoured that Tinubu’s CIS SaaS platform has been chosen by QBE Trade Credit globally. QBE was an early adopter of the digitalization of trade credit processes and as a result has gained a decisive competitive advantage in its domestic market and a unique deployment capability for its international activities."

Tinubu Square instrumental in helping global insurance group QBE to enhance business performance and enable fast international expansion

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