Credit Insurance

Tinubu Credit Insurance Overview

Are you a Credit Insurer or an Export Credit Agency?


You need more automation, reactivity, and efficiency to manage your  Credit Insurance activities.

Grow your revenue and profitability, and improve your customer experience and engagement with Tinubu's recognized end-to-end SaaS-based Credit Insurance Solution.

With this overview review your challenges, discover our solutions and evaluate your benefits. The document contains a presentation of:

  • The Tinubu Enterprise Solution Platform,
  • The Tinubu Innovation LAB,
  • Both Tinubu Credit Insurance for short and medium terms,
  • Selected business cases,
  • The architecture overview,
  • The Tinubu Risk Underwriting services,
  • and Customer Success Stories.

This credit insurance software overview is a 10 pages document that you can download by filling out the form.