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Feb 2, 2021 1:39:25 PM

Jérôme Pezé speaker at TXF CPRI 2021

Our CEO & Founder, Jérôme Pezé will be speaking at TXF CPRI 2021 on Thursday 4th. Join him during the conference on complements and collaborations: ECA and private market integration. 

Senior leaders from banks, exporters, traders, law firms, brokers and insurers will be gathering during TXF CPRI 2021.

The conference "Complements and Collaborations: ECA and private market integration" held on Thursday 4th at 9:50 GMT - 10:50 CTM aims to catch up with key ECAs and insurers to shine a tight on how they are working together and complementing each other. 

The following questions will be raised:

  • How are ECAs using private market reinsurance and what is the appetite of the market for this risk?
  • How has the pandemic changed the rotes of the public and private market and do both sides view this as harmonious or contentious?
  • Will the ever-growing demands for the modernisation of the DECO Consensus and realisation of this have an effect on the role of the private market in supporting commercial tranches of ECA transactions?
  • Do the increasing green and sustainable policies of ECAs create an opportunity for the private market in plugging the gap for carbon heavy traditional transactions. or are both the public and private market pushing in the same direction?
  • How do we view key risks in Africa, Asia, MENA and Latam?

The panel will include:

  1. Marie Aglert, Director, Head of Business Area Large Corporates, EKN

  2. Stephen M. Renna, Chief Banking Officer, U.S. EXIM Bank

  3. Eric Regnault, Manager, International Relations Development, Bpifrance

  4. Cristina Morelli, Managing Director, Head of Export Finance, SACE

  5. Patrick Rosenquist Jakobsen, Chief Underwriter, Offshore Wind and Project Finance, EKF 

The Moderator will be Jérôme Pezé, CEO and Co-founder, Tinubu Square.

To book your virtual ticket, register on the TXF website here


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