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    Credit Insurance
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    What is credit insurance?

    Discover how credit insurance supports trade growth

    Credit insurance is a valuable risk management tool for trade as it protects a business against non-payment for reasons such as insolvency, bankruptcy or political unrest, helping companies to avoid trade debt.

    Credit insurance supports business operations and growth, creating working capital efficiencies and providing a competitive advantage in a global marketplace. By underwriting risk with a guarantee of payment, companies have the security and certainty to engage in international transactions.

    Frequently asked questions about Credit Insurance

    Find out how cross-border risk management support global trade.

    How does credit insurance work?

    Credit insurance works by protecting a business from non-payment by its commercial trading partners, for reasons such as insolvency and protracted default. If a customer fails to pay, a Credit Insurance policy ensures the seller is covered, by indemnifying the majority of the lost amount.

    What is short-term credit insurance?

    Short-term credit insurance provides cover for transactions with a risk period of up to 12 months. Typically supporting goods and services, short-term credit insurance gives comprehensive protection to policy holders against non-payment or buyer default.

    What is medium & long-term credit insurance?

    Medium and long-term credit insurance protects companies from commercial and political risk for periods of 1-20 years. These policies focus on goods exports and support large projects for infrastructure, resources and transportation.

    How does credit insurance cover political risk?

    Political risk credit insurance provides cover for up to 20 years against losses caused by political events, for cross-border equity and debt investments. Political risks include political violence, currency inconvertibility, expropriation, embargos, breach of contract and forced abandonment.

    Who provides credit insurance?

    Short-term credit insurance is mainly provided by private credit insurers. Most countries have an export credit agency (ECA) to provide medium-term credit insurance to support their exporters and strengthen their local economies.

    How much credit insurance cost?

    When underwriting risk, insurers assess elements such as type and value required, industry, debt history and trading partners. Generally the benefit of credit insurance far outweighs not only the risk of non-payment but also potential limitations on trade, competitiveness and growth. Credit insurance pricing is based on the policy holder's portfolio, the trading terms of their sector, and their debt history.

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