Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC) platform 

  • Safe, secure cloud-based SaaS
  • Tinubu RMC, the cornerstone of our credit risk management solutions, adds tactical value and strategic insight to your business by improving operational efficiency, credit governance, decision-making and financial control across the entire customer acquisition and management cycle.
  • Features and benefits


Decision support                                Reporting


Ledger management                           Policy management


  • • Access top level financial information, from various sources, on more than 240,000 companies 
  • • Control risk decision making according to your company’s risk strategy and designated authority levels 
  • • View your entire credit risk program enterprise-wide, at the local and headquarter levels 
  • • Use your own ledger information and track outstanding receivables against approved credit limits and immediately make any limit adjustments 
  • • Access key indicators and management reports related to policy performance, risk segmentation, risk portfolio quality and much more 
  • • Manage all aspects of your company’s credit insurance policy, from compliance to declarations handling to calculation of expected losses resulting from claims

  • One version of the truth enterprise wide
  • Headquarters and enterprise locations align local credit and policy management with enterprise credit strategy. All work with the same intelligence and one version of truth across locations and business functions.


  • Minimized risk exposure across the order-to-cash cycle
  • Powerful decision support across the order-to-cash cycle includes operational analytics and reporting on buyers, credit portfolios, risk categories, exposures, financial summaries, credit policy and more– all within the context of your company’s unique business policies, enabling implementation and enforcement of strong, safe, enterprise-wide credit governance.


  • Credit insurance policy management
  • Tangible ROI is measured in higher cover, fewer claims and lower insurance premiums. The software integrates insurance policy management internally and interfaces directly to underwriters’ systems for limit applications and claims management.


  • Technology
  • Once you’ve identified the need for a credit risk management solution, you want to be up and running immediately, without costly new hardware and long hours spent implementing, learning, and deploying it. Tinubu RMC is designed for you. Cloud is our deployment platform of choice because it is, simply put, the best solution out there—cost-effective, safe and fastest to set up. With Tinubu RMC, you get: 
  • Department of Defense level safety. Our servers reside in the same data centers used by the French Government Department of Defense, and comply with the highest European standards for security, reliability and data protection. We are legally bound not to share any information processed in RMC servers with third parties. In our more than ten year history, we’ve never had an outage or disruption in service. 
  • Cost-and time-savings. The cloud-based Tinubu RMC eliminates the need for expensive servers, network management, and other hardware related costs. And no internal IT development is required.
  • Fastest deployment. With cloud, the RMC can be set up in a day--or less--and all software updates are accessed and implemented immediately when they’re available. 
  • Easy integration and use. Tinubu RMC connects through web services, FTP servers and any communication protocols that you want to use. Integration is seamless with back-end (ERP, A/R) and front-end (CRM) systems. There are no file formats or protocols imposed; RMC can be used with any standard file format a system would provide.

To accelerate Tinubu Square’s expansion, the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement (FSI) will be investing €11.3 million in the company, alongside its founding shareholders.


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